What Our Clients Are Saying
Mortgage Team
Matt Cady
Published on February 13, 2020

What Our Clients Are Saying


My sister & I have been full time realtors for over 6 years. We are in the top of our industry & have worked with many, many, many lenders & oh my gosh — Matt & his team are just the bee’s knees. They are hands down the best in the industry & we feel beyond fortunate to have found them.

We were recommended to them when we had a tricky scenario that needed a specific type of loan most lenders couldn’t offer. We were so impressed with Matt’s professionalism, his educated team (David & Michael rock), his loan programs and his follow up that we have referred him to all of our clients since. Matt & his team go above & beyond to help our clients & we are blown away each time we work with them.

They are also just genuinely rad, good, kind people. They are always looking out for us and passing along items or information they believe would be helpful for our business. I can’t recommend them enough to all buyers & agents in OC!

-Tifany Olivia K.


I wish I could give Matt Cady and his team more than 5 stars! They were beyond excellent. We were referred to them by our realtor, Monica Hathaway (check out my review for her, she’s amazing!). She asked us to give her guy, Matt, a shot to see how his deal compares. At the time, I resisted because I was already working with three different lenders (two of which were big name banks) and had already done many full days of getting paperwork to them and working with them and gotten approvals; however, my husband encouraged me to go for it and see what happens. And I’m so glad I listened to him because our experience was amazing.
First thing is that Matt emails you a visual graph/chart comparison of different loan programs that lay out all of the terms, which I greatly appreciated because I am a visual learner and that really helped to process and organize all of this info in my brain.
Matt is so patient in answering all of my questions and addressing my concerns. He really listened to what the priorities and needs were and never tried to push our boundary on down payment or any other terms. It really felt like he was on my team and presented his best offer to us. We let him know from the very beginning that we were working with these other lenders and he respected and responded well to that. Additionally, when we did decide to service our loan through Summit Lending, Matt never changed. He remained respectful, helpful, available, and patient with us. As did his colleague, Mike.
Additionally, Matt and Mike were always available by text, phone calls, and emails. I don’t think I ever left one voicemail throughout this entire process because they always responded immediately. When I communicated with them, I never had to remind them about what part of the process we were in or give a short summary to jog their memory. They knew our situation and loan inside out it seemed. And, every Tuesday, I received a “Tuesday Update” even if I had just talked to them on Monday. They were consistent and on top of it.
The other lenders could not guarantee us a 30 day close because of the holidays and because it was a VA loan. And two of those lenders were big banks with whom we’ve done business with for decades. However, Matt and Mike were very confident and sure of a 30 day closing and they did what was necessary on their end as we did what was necessary on our end. And, THEY DELIVERED!
Additionally, we also received fun mail from them, which in this day and age when most communications are in electronic form, a handwritten note and card really stands out.
Matt Cady’s team really humanized the process of buying a home. They treated us not as another file or case, but as a friend or family member and honored our priorities and needs despite the holidays.

-Monica M.


I just became a first-time home buyer. One of the best things my realtor did was to refer me to Matt Cady as the lender for my home purchase. I compared Matt’s loan estimates with those of my credit union and other lenders, and I got the best terms with Matt. Matt and his team were much more responsive than other lenders when I had questions. Matt provided a user-friendly electronic comparison of different loan types, and he took the time to explain everything to me over the phone. That really helped me make an informed decision about which loan product was best for me. Matt and his team respected my busy work schedule, and he was available to communicate in the evening, as needed. The document process was efficient with Matt. Everything was done electronically. Matt’s team offered me an online home buying education course, so I could get the certificate of completion from the comfort of my home. Matt and his team were professional, patient, and courteous at all times. At the end of escrow – less than 30 days – I was happy that the final disclosure amounts and cash to close terms were even better for me and my wallet than the initial disclosures and estimated cash to close. I saved money!! I highly recommend Matt Cady and his team for your mortgage and lending needs. They got the job done for me, with no disappointments!

-M C.


I’ve been working with Matt Cady and his team for two years now and they truly have earned my business! Extremely knowledgeable, personable, hard working and they have integrity which is huge for me. They honor their word and have been by my side through my real estate journey taking care of my clients and myself. It feels so good to have a lender I trust and respect. Thanks team for all you do 🙏



I have had the best experience with Matt and his team. They really work with you on a personal basis and will get the best deal for you!

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